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MPMM Project Management Professional 3.0

MPMM Project Management Professional 3.0: Project Management Methodology Software and Processes for Project Managers. management methodology - This project management software is completely customizable - Each project management process helps you deliver projects - It is also perfect for project management training - You can use it to teach project management courses - You can download it now for project management training courses - It helps you with Project management consulting Regardless of your project management methodology, training, consulting or course

Linkedin Group And Management Training  1.0: This is a toolbar fo rLinkedin Group and Management Training Courses
Linkedin Group And Management Training 1.0

This is a browser toolbar for Linkedin Group and Management Training Courses. Use it to look for management courses. Join the Mitchell Phoenix Linkedin Group and keep up to date with the latst business thinking. Use the customized menu.

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MPMM Project Management Educational 4.4: Project Management Methodology Software and Processes for Project Managers.
MPMM Project Management Educational 4.4

Management subject is often taught within a variety of courses including business management, engineering, information science, construction and telecommunications to name a few. MPMM suits all project management courses, regardless of the class curriculum in which they`re taught. Suits all course lengths - As the MPMM Project Life Cycle is comprised of 20 critical project activities, you can pick and choose the activities you wish to teach in. This

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Management Training 1.0: This is a browser toolbar for management training. Use this to search
Management Training 1.0

This is a browser toolbar for management training. Use this to search. You can also highlight text. If you are ever looking for management training then visit the Mitchel Phoenix website

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Training Management System by Delta L 1.0

Web based training management system: manage courses, schedule classes, manage students info, collaboratively work with training materials - upload, change, organize into binders and kits, order for production, manage materials distribution. Front end for students to register for classes and order materials. 30 days free trial. Free use for companies who utilize Delta L`s on demand training materials production services.

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Online Training Solution 3.1.3: Learning Management System for your original training programs
Online Training Solution 3.1.3

Learning Management System for your original training programs. Free trial download elearning software solution. Provides complete internet based training program management for administrator, student, instructor and consumer. Include course requirements, test certificates, payment system. Create your own elearning training solution for your site quickly and without problems. Included ability to manage as many courses as you want.

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Likno eLearning LMS 3.5.5: e-Learning management system (LMS): Easy and powerful for education or training!
Likno eLearning LMS 3.5.5

training system to teach, train and deliver knowledge to their people. Conduct LIVE online classes, share tests and training material, use rich text, pictures, sound, video, flash, java and more: - User Management - Progress Tracking - Lessons, Courses & Categories: Organize lessons at multiple conceptual levels called categories. - Support for forum, chat, calendar, personal messages, etc. - Content Editors with support for pictures, sound, video

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